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wFriday, October 08, 2004

Do you want an environmental extremist in the oval office?... Bush, Kerry spar on Michigan cleanup issues. President Bush has a realistic pragmatic attitude while Kerry is a misguided, easily led wannabe.

The State of Michigan is currently being run by environmental extremistist wackos. Some groups have met with Governor Granholm on local issues representing residents like me who don't want them representing us. Not only that, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has total power over most of the actual properties in our state. Some MDEQ officials are pretty much as environmentally extreme as the wackos they listen to and try to appease. All we need is an environut in the Whitehouse! Kerry has recently gone so far as to suggest that environmental issues are more important than homeland security!

He's one scarey dude! His wife funds all of her favorite charities through the Tides Foundation where all kinds of extremist wackos get their funding! My personal opinion? The only way they could get his wife to quiet down was to add environmental issues to Kerry's campaign propaganda. If you think that will stop her, you're wrong! If he gets in, extremists will run rampant in the U.S.

posted by ladiosa at 3:44 PM

Smile, God loves you.
wTuesday, October 05, 2004

First... a letter to the editor of one of our local mid-Michigan newspapers. I didn't write it but since I found it on the online newspaper I guess he won't mind my sharing:
How many homes?
To the editor:
Presidential candidate John F. Kerry is man of common folk, he understands our pain, we can really trust him – yeah, right.
How many homes does John Kerry have?
• Fox Chapel, Pa. (assessed value: $3.7 million).
• Ketchum, Idaho ski getaway/vacation home (assessed value $4.916 million).
• Washington, D.C., Georgetown area (assessed value $4.177 million).
• Nantucket. Mass. waterfront retreat (assessed value $9.18 million).
• Boston, Mass. Beacon Hill home (assessed value $6.9 million).
And he sold his estate in Italy to activist actor George Clooney, just before he announcing his running for president, for a cool $7.8 million.
Other foreign property ownership is unknown because he denied repeated requests for this information.
Class warfare is not right, but neither is being a hypocrite. The man wants to be our president, while claiming that he relates to us common folk.
He wants to raise income taxes on the rich. Well, guess what? He won't pay those income taxes because he is already rich.
Is this someone we want to have for our president? He is not a common folk, but one of those rich Washington, D.C., insiders.

Wow! and I was only going to comment on the giant gas-guzzling yacht and big SUV's! You are a conspicuous hypocrite, John F Kerry Heinz!!!
Pasted from

posted by ladiosa at 3:53 PM

Smile, God loves you.
wFriday, October 01, 2004

The First Presidential Debate: What I saw...
President Bush... overworked, a bit tired, having just spent time with hurricane victims in Florida, down-to-earth and factual as always.
John Kerry Heinz... newly botoxed, well rested and speaking the same old line!
What a scarey dude that Kerry is! He's an old hippy... never got over his activist days and that's probably what attracted his wife the queen of activists! With his wife's great love of environmental activists I'm sure that he would manage to screw up the whole country with the hairbrained ideas the extremists are already using to ruin the economy and private ownership rights in my beautiful State of Michigan.

posted by ladiosa at 10:57 PM

Smile, God loves you.
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