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wWednesday, August 18, 2004

I find it freaky that some U.S. people actually hate our President! I find it frightening that some people actually believe the garbage dished out by the liberal left!!! President Bush's opponent is so busy trying to say the correct thing to please the most people that he constantly changes positions!!!

I ask you... what is so wrong with a man who is more interested in bringing justice to mass killers than he is in killing babies enmasse? Our country was founded on the concept of liberty for ALL... and somehow the few weirdos of the world have infiltrated and influenced our innocents!

What does that mean? Many of the 'unions' dictate how we should vote. Movie actors, musical entertainers and even educators belong to unions. Unions were once meant to protect the poor. Now the rich all belong to the aforementioned unions. The same people have a large influence over the majority of U.S. population... brainwashing and intimidating them into believing that moral values are bad! Pass out condoms in the schools... if your forget to use one, buy the morning after pill at your local druggist and kill the baby you might have begun creating last night... if you don't get around to realizing you are pregnant until the eighth month, kill the kid anyway... and don't forget, it's BAD to kill murderers and rapists!!!

I pray every day for a semblance of sanity in our society.

posted by ladiosa at 2:53 PM

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