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wSaturday, April 10, 2004

A few gems from a friend... written a during the past administration, but still right!
The eight steps that leftist liberals worldwide are taking to create their perfect society, the New World Order.

1. Panic the people over an issue until they demand that something be done about it by their government.

Create a panic over dying frogs, children smoking, guns in schools, global warming, ozone hole, ozone pollution, personal water craft and thousands of other crisis, both real and imagined.

"How much more proof do you need that global warming is real?" said our tree hugging Vice President in response to a White House conference on the latest heat wave in the U.S.

2. Seize your guns.

It happened last year in Australia and Great Britain. If Congress approves a gun ban treaty currently being proposed in the United Nations, it could happen here too.

3. Eliminate domestic animals.

Environmentalist blame our use of farm animals for causing worldwide environmental and social destruction. Radical feminist say that the consumption of meat is sexist. PeTA announced this month that the production of cows milk for human consumption is racist.

4. Eliminate private property and individual wealth.

If you don’t think that the Government can seize your property for any or no reason, try talking to the people who were forced out of their homes along Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

Liberals continue to dream up new ways to take your money to support their giveaway programs such as supplying free shopping carts to the homeless in Las Angles this month.

Coming soon, restrictions on your use of Sport Utility Vehicles, Personal Water Craft, gasoline, electricity, and a United Nations income tax to fund their proposed world police force.

5. Control population

If Warner Fornos’ letter to the editor "Billions and Billions", isn’t scary enough, consider what a possible Pakistan - India nuclear war, biological terrorists, mandatory abortions and the unrestricted use of assisted suicide would do to reduce population levels worldwide.

Their goal, reduce world population to a sustainable level of 100 million.

6. Eliminate achievement.

With Outcome Based Education, no score keeping in soccer games, and the promotion of liberal ideas of fairness, this goal is quickly becoming a reality.

7. Eliminate the opposing view.

If it is not "Politically Correct" the liberal left will label you as racist, homophobic, making the elderly homeless, starving children, supporting the abuse of animals, giving money to the rich, poisoning the air and water, etc...

8. Move everyone into Sustainable Communities.

You will be assigned a job and given an apartment. All of your daily activities and needs will be under the constant supervision of Big Brother for your own good and well being. Here, you will live at this same level of achievement while Your Glorious Leaders exempt themselves from their rules and live like kings.

Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin tried it. So did the Prairie Farm Commune and the Jonestown cult. Yet, the liberal left will continue to say, "the right people were not in charge."

Will we allow history to again repeat itself at the expense of our freedom?

posted by ladiosa at 8:12 AM

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