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wSaturday, June 28, 2003

This photo sharing thing is fun! Here's my interpretation of Angles for PhotoFriday.

posted by ladiosa at 8:34 AM

Smile, God loves you.
wFriday, June 27, 2003

I haven't been blogging much lately... I have things to say but some of them are better not said at this time. Been observing real travesties of justice to an extreme I never believed possible in these United States! I will tell you more only when I have permission from the victims. Just keep in mind that the United States' war against terrorism is not over by a long shot and remember... there are still pockets of terrorists among us just waiting for their moment to 'praise Allah' in their own unique fashion!

posted by ladiosa at 11:46 AM

Smile, God loves you.
wWednesday, June 25, 2003

PhotoTime moved already... it seems to be a bit more user friendly to the participants... not so many clicks to find out where their photos can be found. Theme number two is Comfort..


Sherle from PhotoTime seems to like those turtles... what can be more comfortable than these two turtles sunning themselves on a sultry summer day?

posted by ladiosa at 10:12 AM

Smile, God loves you.
wThursday, June 12, 2003

phototime... theme number one is 'Home'... It's a brand new photo meme; what better way to get started? Here is my first entry.

This little African Penguin posed for me in his brand new home at a local zoo. Well, he didn't really! He and his roommates swim so fast that it's darned near impossible to catch them in the digital camera's eye... so I finally started 'snapping' when all I could see was water... got a few good shots that way!

posted by ladiosa at 11:52 AM

Smile, God loves you.
wTuesday, June 10, 2003

"Sam Waksal, ImClone founder, was sentenced today to 87 months in prison for tax evasion and insider trading... Yahoo News" Yes, this is the guy responsible for the mess that made Martha Stewart the 'whipping boy' in the fast world of wheelers and dealers! I am still convinced that if Martha was a man the financial world wouldn't have made such a big deal about her involvement.

Did you see the ridiculous made for t.v. movie about Martha on a national t.v. network recently? I tried but quickly switched channels because it was so foolish! Couldn't help seeing parts of it, though... Letterman kept referring to a portion of the movie ad infinitum... and Letterman I watch! 'Hey slut!, I'm gonna call your mother..... blah blah'... ridiculous! If she were a man Martha would be considered tough... frank... and all business! Since she was smart enough to create her own empire the guys resent her... calling her bitchy... catty... and hard to get along with! Anyway, her buddy Sam got off way to easy... I hope they have the common sense to go easy on the 'domestic goddess.'

posted by ladiosa at 3:18 PM

Smile, God loves you.
wMonday, June 09, 2003

Monday Madness

1. Who hosts your blog or personal website? If you don't have one, have you considered starting a blog?
Blogger is my bloghost. They've become rather unreliable lately but I'm truly hoping they will be 'bug-free' after the changeover to Google equipment is complete. I've put so much time and words into this site that I really don't want to change to another host and start all over again.

2. What prompted you to choose the color combination/background for your personal blog or website?
I try to use colors and background that suggest water... since my name La Diosa del Lago means....... The Goddess of the Lake. hmmmmm?

3. Have you ever considered switching 'blog hosts/services'??
I've considered it but since I've slowed down a little in my overall blogging, I have time to 'wait it out' and see if Blogger improves.

....and a bonus question because I need to know that my faithful participants will keep coming back after I move.........
4. Will you visit Monday Madness at it's new "home?"
...a resounding yes!!!

posted by ladiosa at 8:57 PM

Smile, God loves you.
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